Heath and the Checker Shoe Band

This is why we sing.

Cast and Creatives

Heath Williamson (Creator, Heath, Chumbees, Catfish, and more)

Heath Williamson is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church. He has an Associate's degree in music and a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies. He is highly skilled with a Bow Staff. He currently resides in Phenix City AL, where he is a part time super hero, and a full time dad to his three boys, Hero, Brick, and Hank and husband to his wife Buffy. He also plays stand up bass in The East Wind Bluegrass Band. He is the former lead singer and bass player for Jesse and the Rockers, a Christian pop punk band from the late 90's. How did he become the creator of Heath and the Checker Shoe Band? Well, his dad is a musician and his mom is a puppeteer... it was bound to happen.

Avery Jones (Stanley Stevens, Ned, Hare, and more)

Avery Jones is an award-winning puppeteer and actor, who's been working with puppets since he was five years old. He currently lives in Phenix City, AL, where he spends his time creating puppets for theater, television, and performers across the country, including, but not limited to Musical Theatre International, both shows and classes with Springer Opera House in Columbus, GA; and "Loggerhead Island" with the GA Aquarium.
He has been featured on 'Sesame Street' and performed Slappy alongside Jack Black the '2015 film Goosebumps'
In his free time he enjoys time travel, dinosaur wrangling, and origami.